Passive Progress

Passive Progress


The Service Offer

Passive gains averaging 48% APY!

Through setting up with the broker IG Forex US you are required to have a minimum account balance of $10,000 USD, no more is required and no less is acceptable to participate in this service offer. This is to ensure you have a balance meeting the appropriate margin safety standards for optimized system performance.

  When the IG account is set up and verified you will proceed to contact or continue communication with Passive Progress via contact information or live chat on the contact page.

 Verification is extremely important as it is required to perform a withdrawal of funds. Upon agreeing to terms and conditions put in place by Passive Progress you will exchange your Metatrader (MT4) login for the provided service.

*Please note that a Metatrader login is not the same as your IG login.*

  A Metatrader login is what grants access to the trading platform (Metatrader 4) so trades may be placed utilizing your existing IG brokerage account.  An IG login is what allows you to access the broker page, view account statistics, and manipulate funds. Your IG login is personal information and needs to be secure. Do not give your IG login to anyone.

At this point it becomes a great experience as getting started is the hardest part and it is now a hands free basket to enjoy as a quarterly bonus or a compound account over years to come!

  While $10,000 USD is the account minimum for participating in the service, you can rest easy knowing that it is not all at risk. In fact, it is highly unlikely you will see a loss at all if it is not accompanied by larger gains. In the absolute worse case scenario your risk is minimized to approximately just one-third or 33% of the existing account. This attributes reason to the quarterly withdrawal, as by doing so you keep risk down and profits are secured.

  While nobody can guarantee the market, Passive Progress guarantees that your funds will be protected and traded precisely to the best of ability do to the multiple algorithms in place that will be managing account margin levels on your behalf. This is intended to be a long term basket and your confidence is key. This is why you can/will have full access to the account as much or as little as you please with IG (Android app)  for Android users and IG (Apple app) for IPhone users or online access via your personal login at making this experience transparent, passive, and residual.  These are some highlighting factors maintaining current customers and acquiring new ones. Word of mouth can go a long way and is how this service was started. 

  On average, profitable earnings are $20 USD daily Monday through Friday. (Markets are closed Saturday and Sunday to retail traders.) This means average gains of $100 USD weekly, $400 USD monthly, or $1200 USD quarterly. This is 48%APY! This is incredible passive profit and to take a step further.. you earn more in less than one year than can ever be lost. No matter what step your taking in life with Passive Progress, your progress is the priority.

  To setup and maintain this service offer Passive Progress requires no upfront payments or down payment. The fee for this service offer will be paid equal to *25% of quarterly profit of the maintained brokerage account on a quarterly basis. If a payment is neglected the service will cease to continue. You have the right to cancel the service at any time, in doing so Passive Progress relinquishes all responsibility of the service and will not be responsible/ held liable for any loss that may occur. Passive Progress is a financial service, Passive Progress is not a financial advisor, Passive Progress is not responsible for any loss that may occur associated with the service offer. Passive Progress has taken multiple precautions in the development of this service in order to mitigate the risk for all involved and all who find interest.

Passive Progress