Passive Progress

Passive Progress


Sustainable Passive income & Progress for United States. No upfront cost, low client rates/risk, hands free - high rate returns.

What is Passive Progress? 

Passive Progress is much more than a financial service. It is an idea, a movement, a growing opportunity. Do not be turned away by the use of the word passive. While most of us have earned our funds every way but passively, I can forgive your hesitation. Passive Progress is named as such for a couple of good reasons. This system of earning is a truly PASSIVE income source which means aside from initial deposit, verification, and quarterly withdrawals which will each require your particular permissions; your participation can be as involved and active as you wish it to be but are encouraged to monitor it as little as possible when you are comfortable making it nearly completely "passive". No trading is required on your part and external trading would not be tolerated on an account participating with Passive Progress This allows smart money to work for you. Using money to make money.

This brings us to PROGRESS. As time moves forward, machines make up more and more of our daily routines. I'm not here to say if that's a good or a bad thing, however it's not everybody's thing. Passive Progress provides weblinks to the broker if you are interested in knowing more about them. You are granted direct access to apps of the broker and the charting platform so you can use to see exactly what is happening at any time, allowing full transparency. Cash withdrawals are so simple, I'd bet we could teach anyone. Would you like to know the secret? One phone call. That's all, one call. All you have to do to withdraw on a quarterly basis is make a phone call to the brokerage(IG US), give them some personal information to verify it's you and tell them you wish to withdraw back down to 10k. It can and will be that simple (as long as you are the one trying to order a cash withdrawal). The withdrawn funds(profit) will be distributed to the means that they were deposited. Meaning your savings, checking, or card account. I like the security behind this and you will appreciate it as well when the time comes.

What is Forex?

  At the end of World War II governments created the Bretton Woods system which had set the exchange rate of the US dollar against gold.  In return this had allowed all other countries to be pegged against the US Dollar.  By 1971 countries had developed at different speeds, ultimately destabilizing exchange rates resulting in the abolishment of the Bretton Woods system.  This change had allowed exchange rates to be determined solely by supply and demand.

  Thanks to Bill Gates and the computer revolution, banks had begun to start their own trading platforms in the 1990's. These systems were designed to stream live quotes to the clients so trades could be executed instantly without going through branch managers. This granted individuals the ability to find a broker, deposit money, and begin executing trades at their whim. This opened the market to retail traders like you and me who can trade shares at just a fraction of the prices.

  In 2016 the Forex market had daily volume of 5 trillion dollars a day, today the Forex market does daily volume of 6.6 trillion dollars, remaining the largest market in the world!

  Forex is the market that you will be participating in hands free  More strictly speaking, the GBP/USD.

No Futures, No Crypto, No Indices, No Binary, etc..

Great British Pound vs United States Dollar. These are the two major currencies that trade for your benefit. This duo is called " The Cable" as it is the most traded currency pair. Consistency is key and "The Cable" set up with my system provides that in abundance.

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